BAGHDAD (Army News Service, Jan. 23, 2008) -- The Army's chief information officer visited three Multi-National Division - Central communication operations sections Jan. 19 to get a feel for the way communications are being run in the Task Force Marne area of operations.

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sorenson, the Army G-6, visited units at Patrol Base Assassin, Forward Operating Base Kalsu and Patrol Base Corregidor.

"He came down to look at the command, control, communications, computing and intelligence system," said Maj. Marcus Jackson, communications officer for 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division. "He wanted to come and see all the equipment that we have at the company level that used to be only at the brigade level -- that's how important it has become to the fight."

The general also spent time speaking with representatives of each unit he visited.

"This was a chance for him, as the chief information officer, to come and see how the network is being used by the platoons, companies in the division and task force," said Lt. Col. Stephen Birch, TF Marne G-6. "The best thing was that he got a chance to listen to the troop commanders, the battalion commanders and the communications officers -- and the units got a chance to express to him what they want from the Army, in regards to communications."