CAMP ZAMA, Japan (Dec. 14, 2011) -- Though their brethren at West Point failed to win "The" Army-Navy Game for the 10th straight year, the Soldiers from Camp Zama and Torii Station in Okinawa were both victorious in their respective flag football matchups Dec. 10.

The Army's defense kept the Navy at bay following an astonishing four interception passes thrown by the normally on-point quarterback Abi Scott during the game at Trojan Field here. They held the Navy to only a single touchdown in the third quarter and scored three of their own, ending with a 19-7 score in the home team's favor.

In Torii Station, the Army was trailing in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Josh Harris then ran an interception for 19 yards, which led to a scoring run and a 25-21 victory. The Army team in Okinawa has won seven of their last eight games against the Navy there, and they have an overall 17-5 record in the series.

At Camp Zama, the Army team -- comprised mostly of Soldiers from the intramural championship-winning 35th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion -- struck first early in the game.

Following an impressive gain of yardage, running back Nicholas Jones slipped through the Navy's defensive line to reach the 1-yard line. On the next play, Anthony Ferguson caught a short pitch inside the end zone. Wide receiver Tyrone Green converted the extra point, and the Army was up 7-0.

It was in the second quarter when Scott's passing game stalled, beginning with an interception caught by Navy cornerback Chaka Suing. Two more interceptions followed on consecutive Army possessions: the first caught by wide receiver Jerome Livingston, and the second snagged by wide receiver Nate Hardwick.

"On offense we started off great, and then their defensive line started putting a lot of pressure on me," said Scott. "I forced some bad throws that I shouldn't have, kind of strayed from the game plan, and it cost us."

Scott fully attributed the Army's win to his team's tenacious defensive line, which he said returned the favor by putting relentless pressure on Navy quarterback Nick Francis. They "didn't give [Francis] time to throw the ball," as Scott put it, and when the Navy did gain yards, the Army forced a punt or turnover by holding them on crucial third-down plays.

"We did a lot of practicing before this game and we came prepared," said Scott. "With our sheer athleticism alone we're a great team, and when you add discipline and strategy in the mix, we're really unstoppable."

Livingston finally put the Navy on the board with a scoring run in the third quarter, but the Army answered back in the fourth when Jevon Sleet caught an interception and brought it all the way to the end zone. Wide receiver Tyrone Green scored the final TD for the Army in the final minutes of the game.