DAY KUNDI PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Afghan National Army Special Forces and coalition Special Operations Forces conducted a bridge assessment in Qasamabad village, Kajran district, Day Kundi province Dec. 10.
The footbridge is the number one priority for the Kajran District Development Council.
The bridge, which connects the villages of Qasamabad and Baghban, is a vital thoroughfare between the villages and is the only footbridge across the Varkdan River for at least seven kilometers.
The assessment team looked at the safety and weight capacity of the bridge and allowed the ANASF to work with local elders to solicit bids for project construction.
During the assessment, local elders stated that the bridge is used by all villagers travelling along the river valley and provides access to the school shared between the two villages. The local elders also said multiple people are killed each year from falling into the river and an improved bridge will prevent these deaths as well as increase the foot traffic in the area.
A coalition SOF team member reported that the completion of the bridge will go a long way to help villagers in the area and show the positive effect of ANSF and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan being involved in the communities.