Richard Cunningham, USARC Safety Evaluator, recently met with Joseph D. Bennett, 412TEC Command Executive Officer, Charlie Foreman, 412TEC Safety Manager, and select Special Staff to discuss USARC requirements and changes for FY12 on Dec. 7, 2011 at the George A. Morris Army Reserve Center in Vicksburg, Miss.

Cunningham discussed mandatory annual requirements, such as radiation safety reports, and the ReportIt system as the "single Army accident and risk management system for collecting injury, illness and loss data."

ReportIt is also designed to effectively manage USARC's safety and occupational health program.

Cunningham also met separately with his counterpart, Foreman, to discuss in details the commmand's safety program and the need for units at all levels to utilize ReportIt.

It is critical for everyone to understand that the process has changed this year, and that means not only units are now required to go through this system, they must also ensure that the information is entered correctly and completely, said Foreman.

"Otherwise, the system will not accept it and we won't be able to track it," he emphasized.

Foreman added that USARC did away with the old system - Loss Reporting Accident System (LRAS) - since Oct. 3. For this reason, LRAS is no longer used to report new accidents, except only to close out pending investigation reports until Jan. 1, 2012, he pointed out.

Foreman emphasized that it is the units' responsibility to report and input the information into the system. "I can only monitor and track what's in there, so the units must take the initiative to ensure they report these incidents correctly and in a timely manner," he said.

To access ReportIt, click on the USARC/Safety Center link found on the 412TEC homepage or, or contact Foreman at (601) 631-6130 or for more details about the 412TEC Safety Program.