REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. The Secretary of Defense order to reduce the civilian workforce will decrease the U.S. Army Materiel Command's civilian workforce by approximately 1,685 positions. 1,440 of the positions will be eliminated no later than Sept. 30, 2012 and the remaining reductions will occur in fiscal year 2013.

"The Army and AMC are operating in a challenging fiscal environment. Tough choices have to be made, but we are making them in a thoughtful and deliberate manner that best supports AMC and the Army missions," William Marriott, AMC's Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel said.

This action to reduce Civilian on-board strength is to meet funded targets established by the Secretary of Defense and reflected in the President's Budget. The reductions will bring the total number of AMC civilian employees to just over 67,000 command-wide.

After the Army announced Aug. 4 that it will reduce the size of its Civilian employee workforce by more than 8,700 people by Sept. 30, 2012, AMC leaders began conducting an analysis to consolidate functions and reduce AMC capabilities, while minimizing the impact in supporting the total Army.

Decisions for cuts were made by conducting capability assessments and not arbitrarily cutting from each subordinate command. Commanders have been given the responsibility of determining where the cuts can best be made and continue to meet objectives.

AMC and its major subordinate command civilian position reductions to be completed by the end of fiscal year 2012 are as follows: Headquarters, AMC - 72; Army Contracting Command -- 29; Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command -- 272; Army Sustainment Command -- 88; Chemical Materials Agency -- 49; Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command --132; Joint Munitions Command -- 77; Logistics Support Activity -- 9; Research, Development and Engineering Command -- 459; and TACOM Life Cycle Management Command -- 212. In addition, JMC will eliminate 41 over-hire positions in fiscal 2012 and RDECOM will eliminate another 286 spaces in fiscal year 2013, for an AMC total of 1,685 positions.

"We will not lose track of the concept that this is not about 'positions' or 'slots', but about people. Every effort will be made to provide assistance to affected employees to ease their transition while still meeting the Secretary's intent," Marriott said.

AMC relied on voluntary departures, Voluntary Early Retirement Authority, Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment and attrition to achieve the personnel reductions. AMC also reduced current hiring actions in order to reach its goal; subsequently some of the above reductions have already occurred.