In a ceremony Jan. 15 at Coast Guard offices in Rosslyn, Va., the U.S. Army, the Department of the Navy, and the U.S. Coast Guard signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding that formalizing an agreement to share capabilities for business transformation.

This agreement was signed by Mr. Michael Kirby, Deputy Under Secretary of the Army for Business Transformation; Miss Anita Blair, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Total Force Transformation and the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs; and RADM Jody A. Breckenridge, Director, Strategic Transformation Team, US Coast Guard.

The Army and Navy first signed a memorandum of understanding making formal a data-sharing agreement for workload performance in November 2007. This agreement also formalized use of the unified Army and Navy Data Center in Fairfield, Calif., referred to as the Business Innovation Center.

The data sharing agreements are critical to business transformation, allowing each service to leverage best practices while reducing costs associated with research and development, and gain a better understanding of technology and how it can be applied across the service's enterprise.

Besides the sharing of the Business Innovation Center, some of the programs or processes to be shared are applications of Organizational Design; case studies gained from use of Lean Six Sigma, use of Executive Management and Decision Support tools, shared Business Transformation oriented contracts, and outcomes from various workload and performance capabilities.

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