FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. -- More than 120 Soldiers from 463rd Military Police Company said farewell to family and friends Dec. 5 during a deployment ceremony at Nutter Field House.

The company is slated to deploy in support of Operation Enduring Freedom this year.

"In the peak of summer, and only ten days after the changing of its company commander, 463rd began its 120-day journey toward preparing for an unprecedented mission," said Maj. Timothy Slemp, 92nd Military Police Battalion rear commander. "For the first time in modern military history, a combat support MP company would reconfigure itself into three law and order detachments for the express purpose of conducting policing operations in a hostile fire theater."

These detachments look very similar to the law and order detachments and staff that run our Provost Marshal's Office in the United States, he said.

The company is comprised of special investigators for traffic accidents, misdemeanor and non-felony crimes, customs inspectors, desk sergeants, criminal records managers and police operations staff.

"Over the past few months, the Solid Warriors have trained vigorously on multiple combat and law enforcement tasks in preparation for this deployment," said Cpt. John Miles, 463rd Military Police Company commander.

Soldiers of the 463rd MP Company completed a two-phase law and order exercise, alongside the Fort Leonard Wood Provost Marshal Office, policing an installation of 57,000 people. In the culminating event, the detachments were required to establish three field Provost Marshal's Office as an independent forward-operating military police unit.

In addition to the law enforcement exercise, the company conducted field training to qualify on their assigned weapons, calibrate them and utilize them in a night time urban assault mission.

"Law enforcement is a tricky business," said Miles.

"It is our duty to assist, protect and defend our brothers and sisters in arms," he said. "And we will conduct this mission with the highest professional standards that the Military Police Corps can offer."