VICENZA, Italy -- Lt. Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala, land forces commander of the Uganda People's Defense Force took part in a U.S. Army Africa command visit recently.

Wamala engaged in a variety of activities throughout his three-day stay. During his visit, Wamala was escorted by USARAF commander Maj. Gen. David R. Hogg. Wamala attended various directorate and command briefings and observed instruction at the base's regional training support center.

Additionally, Wamala presented a lecture on addressing security challenges in East Africa as well as taking part in a lecture on the economy of countries in the region. The lectures were attended by USARAF leadership and Army and Navy representatives from U.S. Africa Command.

Wamala said his visit is a step towards continuing to forge strong relationships with U.S. Army Africa.

"One of the reasons for my visit is to cement our relationship with U.S. Army Africa. We are also discussing the upcoming land forces symposium with the USARAF leadership which may be held in my country," Wamala said.

"The program they have arranged for me has been very educational. I've learned about some programs that are very nice," he said.

During his visit, Wamala toured Army Community Services (ACS) and Warrior Transition Unit facilities.

"The ACS and Warrior Transition programs are wonderful. I think we can take a cue from what is being done here to improve on how we deal with our Soldiers and their families," Wamala said.

The ACS program impressed Wamala.

"One of the programs I'd like to take home with me is the ACS. It helps the leader look at the soldier as a whole -- the complete soldier. It includes the Soldier and his family. Soldiering doesn't end with the uniform and the rifle. It has to go beyond that -- and that is what ACS does. If I can find a way of putting an ACS program in to our military institution," Wamala said.

He emphasized that taking care of Soldiers and their families, especially during Soldier deployments, will improve the professionalism and quality of life for Ugandan military personnel.

Overall, Wamala looks forward to continuing future relations with USARAF.

"I've enjoyed my visit here and I've made many friends. I think our relationship will get closer and I look forward to visiting USARAF again," Wamala said.