FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- The first general officer of the Army's Information Systems Management functional area was pinned in a promotion ceremony here Nov. 18. Col. Frederick A. Henry, deputy commanding general of Network Enterprise Technology Command, was promoted to brigadier general in front of hundreds of family, guests and co-workers.Officiating the event was Lt. Gen. Susan S. Lawrence, the Army's Chief Information Officer (G-6) and former NETCOM commander. Lawrence, knowing Henry since she was the NETCOM commander, welcomed him into the general officer ranks."Today is the culmination of untold long hours and so much hard work," Lawrence said. "Today recognizes your selfless service to a grateful nation and Army."Henry, who started his Army career in the Chemical Corps, worked his way through the ranks and a number of diverse assignments. Prior to his assignment as the deputy commander here, he was the chief of the Information Assurance Branch of the Army Inspector General's Office. It was at that assignment where Lawrence first worked with Henry."I was the NETCOM CG (commanding general) while Fred was with the IG team, and it was a pleasure to work with him," Lawrence said. "There was no doubt; Fred was displaying all those attributes we are looking for in our most senior leaders."Henry's wife and mother, Latonya and Faith (respectively), along with Lawrence officially placed his shoulder boards on his uniform and presented Henry with his new beret with new rank. Henry's brother, Danroy, presented Henry the general officer belt; and Henry's first boss, retired Lt. Col. Roscoe McCormick, presented Henry with the general officer pistol. Off to the side of the ceremony area, Command Sgt. Maj. Gerald W. Williams, NETCOM command sergeant major, and retired Command Sgt. Maj. Horace Frazier (Henry's former first sergeant), unfurled Henry's general officer flag.Maj. Gen. Jennifer L. Napper, NETCOM commanding general, was the final piece of the ceremony as she administered the Oath of Office. It was those people participating in his promotion, and many others, to whom Henry said he owed his current success."My journey is ultimately a reflection of the opportunities and people that have touched my life as a result of grace," Henry said. "I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have been given to serve in a profession… selected by so few… but admired by so many. For those wearing the uniform, past and present, you know firsthand that our profession requires great sacrifice and hardship. It is an honor to serve in a profession that inspires our countries greatest treasure -- our nation's young men and women to selfless service to protect the freedoms and ideals that make our country the envy of the world."The ceremony ended with the playing of Retreat and To the Colors, as the flag in front of Greely Hall was slowly lowered and folded by Soldiers from Headquarters Company, NETCOM.