WEST POINT, N.Y. (Dec. 1, 2011) -- With belt-tightening a way of life in this challenging economy affecting employees and employers, many are finding the need to do more with less----and that often means employees doing other jobs to cover positions eliminated due to cost-cutting measures.

This is the case with Rose Tumacder, administrative assistant at the Five Star Inn located near the Visitor's Center, who recently received the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation employee of the year worldwide.

"I've been working at the Five Star Inn for 10 years," Tumacder said. "Before that, I worked at the Thayer Hotel for nearly 10 years before they were privatized, and then two years after that."

Tumacder gained a lot of experience at the Thayer Hotel and to paraphrase one well known cliché, she said if you can make it at the Thayer, you can make it anywhere.

"The Thayer is where I got my customer service training," she said. "I was a reservation manager and we had quarterly training sessions."

For all of her hard work, Tumacder received the Employee of the Year for Army Lodging based on her last performance appraisal period from June 2009 to June 2010. The awards were somewhat delayed due to the wish to coordinate the award ceremony with the garrison quarterly time in service awards in October.

Tumacder received a glass trophy and $2,000 for her selection.

"During a typical day, I do account receivables/payables," she said. "I also setup the daily schedules, troubleshoot the computer system for guests in the lobby, work closely with protocol when VIPs are looking for lodging and other departments including housing and JAG."

At one time, the Five Star Inn had a front desk manager, but the position was eliminated. Tumacder fills in at the front desk when an employee is absent no matter what shift it is as the inn is open 24/7. She also trains new front desk clerks--created a front desk training manual.

According to her lodging manager, Mark O'Leary, Tumacder is a jack-of-all-trades and goes beyond the call of duty.

"She has taken it upon herself to fabricate lists and maps to favorite spots in the local area," O'Leary said.

"She is often called upon to perform as the 'acting' lodging manager and does an outstanding job filling in as she is entrusted with the overall operation of the Five Star Inn and performs admirably. Her professionalism continues to shine on a daily basis and is a major part of what makes the Five Star Inn the location of choice for guests visiting the West Point area and why she was selected as Employee of the Month on three separate occasions over the past years."

Tumacder also is learning more about the hospitality industry by taking courses on financial management at Penn State and online courses.

"I think what I like the most about my job is the interaction with the people," she said. "I like a job that is fast-paced and feel good when I help someone."