The U.S. Army Drill Team is participating in the British Military Tournament 2011 which will help tell the story of the special relationship between the United Kingdom and United States, recreating dramatic episodes in history from the American War of Independence to modern day operations in Afghanistan.

The British Military Tournament will feature more than 700 participants, including active combat servicemen and women plus musicians from the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and the U.S. Army. It is being presented by ABF The Soldiers' Charity in association with The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity and The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. ABF The Soldiers' Charity supports soldiers, former soldiers and their families in times of need.

"It's quite fantastic to have them (U.S. Army Drill Team) here. We don't have anything like it in our military," said Maj. Tim Carpenter, tournament back stage military coordinator. "It really displays that special relationship we have with the United States."

The 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), U.S. Army Drill Team, is a precision drill platoon with the primary mission of showcasing the U.S. Army both nationally and internationally through routines with bayonet-tipped 1903 Springfield rifles. The U.S. Army Drill Team performs for military, government, non-profit, and civilian organizations.

"There are few places in the Army where you can have an experience like this one and the drill team is one of them," said Sgt. Evan Williams, 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), U.S. Army Drill Team Soloist.

The British Military Tournament will have five performances in London from Dec. 2-4. The Drill Team has performed overseas before, most notably Military Tattoos in Bermuda, Norway, and Scotland.