FOB FARAH, Afghanistan (Nov. 24, 2011) -- Soldiers and Civilians on Forward Operating Base Farah celebrated Thanksgiving with a five kilometer Turkey Trot, pancake breakfast, spades tournament and Thanksgiving feast.

The festivities were all part of a day-long celebration for the Soldiers and civilians stationed at the small forward operating base in Western Afghanistan.

"I got my tail whooped by a very fast guy," said Pfc. Bryan Kelley from Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 2nd Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Combat Brigade Team, 4th Infantry Division, about the 5 kilometer fun run that started off the festivities.

Approximately 100 runners participated in the 5K that went around the base. The run is a tradition in the Army explained SSG Dennis Hines, one of the event's organizers.

"We always do one for Thanksgiving in the Army--a turkey trot," said Hines.

"It revolves on achieving morale and welfare and recreation of the military and civilians," said June Perbillo, MWR Supervisor with DynCorp International. "That's one way to help keep going to the mission."

Following the run there was a pancake breakfast hosted by the chapel. Soldiers and civilians lined up for fresh made pancakes and waffles.

"I thought they were very good," Lowell Carey, a department of the Army civilian. "I wish they would have given me more."

Following Thanksgiving dinner that included tradition thanksgiving fare plus roast beef and fried lobster tail, the Soldiers and Civilians at FOB Farah came together for a spades tournament. Held in the motor pool, the single elimination tournament went for almost four and half hours.

"It was set up pretty good," said Mike Brown RPAT Lead for AC First. "It was well organized."

"Card games are relaxing," said Kelley. "Being out here in a stressful environment, it takes our minds off of it."

The tournament brought together members of different companies and helped with unit cohesiveness added Kelley. "It makes us come closer as a unit."

"It was a great Thanksgiving," said Brown. "It boosted it [morale] very well."