FORT STEWART, Ga. - We're staying here!

Birthdays are a celebration. A celebration of life, lineage and accomplishments. For those of us who wear the "broken TV" on our sleeves, the Division birthday is a glimpse at where we have been and where we are going.

Each of us can trace our roots through cold, muddy trenches in France during WWI. Back through France via North Africa and Italy to fight the Axis on multiple fronts during WWII. The cold, hard winters of the Korean War. Pushing Iraqi forces out of Kuwait during Desert Storm. Up to the Global War on Terror and freeing the citizens of Iraq from dictatorship rule, we have been there.

The Third Infantry Division has answered the nation's call during five major conflicts along with maintaining military presence in Germany during the height of the Cold War. Dog Face Soldiers serving their country and protecting the American way of life.

"Nous Resterons La."

I wonder if Maj. Gen. Joseph Dickman ever considered how his famous words to the French Commander during World War I would echo true through multiple conflicts across the globe.

Going to war is no small task. It takes all of the men and women of the 3rd Infantry Division to complete the mission. The dedication and perseverance of Marne Soldiers past and present have created a rich legacy of success.

The road traveled is paved blue and white, a road that winds through different continents, heralding our lineage as the Rock of the Marne. Soldiers will come and go, but the Division remains.

The Division represents some amazing numbers in military history. Fifty-one Medal of Honor Recipients, more than any other division in the U.S. Army. Over 10,000 have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend freedom, with thousands more wounded in the pursuit of that same mission.

Campaign streamers hang proudly from the Division colors, telling the story of battles won.

Twenty-nine separate campaigns spanning through nearly a century of Marne Soldiers making a difference.

We make a difference everywhere we go. Our commitment to the nation doesn't stop when we leave the battlefield. We live our values in and out of uniform. We represent the very best of America.

As we celebrate 94 years of Marne tradition, I suggest we pause and remember the dedication and sacrifice of the men and women who paved the road we travel now, a road we prepare for the Marne Soldiers of the future.