ZABUL PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Walan Rabat Afghan Local Police, assisted by coalition Special Operations Forces, destroyed seven improvised explosive devices on a major road in Shah Joy district, Nov. 20.
The ALP and coalition SOF conducted the patrol after noticing the amount civilian traffic on the road had significantly declined in recent weeks.
Seven pressure plate IEDs containing 50 pounds of homemade explosives, were located by the Walan Rabat ALP and safely reduced in place with the assistance of coalition SOF team members.
"The ALP's clearance of the route without any additional route clearance or explosive ordnance assets is a significant victory and further legitimizes the Walan Rabat ALP program in the eyes of the villagers," said a coalition SOF team member.
Upon clearing the route, ALP and coalition SOF team members observed vehicles immediately using the road.
No injuries or property damage occurred during the controlled detonations.