Thanksgiving gift card program helps Monterey military families
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PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - As the holiday season approaches, Thanksgiving dinners weigh on everyone's minds.

On some people's minds, those thoughts are probably heavier this year than other years.

Hoping to give a boost to service members and their Thanksgiving cornucopia, the Catholic and Protestant congregations at the Presidio of Monterey and Ord Military Community Chapel again dug deep into their pockets this year.

The two congregations raised more than $7,700 through designated worship service offerings.

Also turning the tide to a happier Thanksgiving Day meal was Pinnacle Housing, locally known as The Parks at Monterey Bay, which donated $1,500.

The Monterey Military Community certainly came together this year to make Thanksgiving thankful for many Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force families this year.

The chaplain's office staff was able to purchase 185 gift cards this year from the commissary, said Garrison Chaplain (MAJ) John C. Lim.

He said that the funds were used to purchase gift cards from the Ord Community Commissary in increments of $50.

The cards can be used to purchase food only and decline in value as they are used, said Ord Community Director Robert L. Landon Sr., explaining the flexibility of not having to use the whole value at once makes them great for gifts.

"Our priority is the joy we provide to military families during the holiday, and, therefore, do not set specific income requirements," said Deputy Garrison Chaplain (Maj.) Philip Kochenburger, explaining that the program is designed to "benefit families in financial need regardless of their income level."

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