FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. -- The 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera) conducted a technical training exercise from Nov. 1-3 with a creative photography focus.

Combat Camera conducts tactical and technical field training exercises, alternating several times each year. This technical exercise took Soldiers away from the military mindset of training toward more creative thinking.

Each day of the technical exercise focused on a fundamental of photography: lowlight/night photography, motion blur/shutter speed, and black and white photography.

On the first night, teams were given instruction on the fundamentals of lowlight photography, highlighting stabilizing techniques and how to adjust setting to get the best imagery.

With a large portion of the company participating, teams were divided into 10-person groups.

The focus of their assignment was to create composite imagery and utilize simple, yet useful, techniques such as painting with light. Teams were limited to photographing on post using only their camera, basic lighting equipment and tripods.

The second day's theme was adjusting shutter speed to capture action shots. The assignment included motion blur, pan blur and stop action. The focus of the class was adjusting the shutter speed and using techniques to produce a very distinct type of action shot.

The third day assignment was the best use of black and white photography. The photography varied greatly, but focused on images that black and white capture best.