FORT STEWART, Ga. - SAVANNAH, Ga. -- Veterans Day weekend was no doubt filled with exciting events all across the country. Parades, picnics, concerts and family gatherings are only a few ways Americans spent their weekend in honor of those who are serving this great nation and those who have served in the past.

The Savannah Chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars sponsored the culminating event in the Savannah area, Nov. 13, for the fifth consecutive year at the Savannah Christian Church. The Massing of the Colors brings together many civic organizations including the Boy Scouts of America, Marine Corps League, Youth Challenge Academy and each branch of the Armed Services to display their respective colors.

Thirty-one various organizations took part in this year's Massing of the Colors with the Third Infantry Division color guard presenting and posting the Colors for the ceremony.

Colonel Roger L. Cloutier, deputy commanding general -- maneuver, Third Infantry Division, was the keynote speaker this year. Colonel Cloutier spoke with passion about his appreciation to not only those who had served before him, but also to those who currently defend our freedoms.

"When your country called and said 'Whom shall I send?' You raised your hand and said 'Here I am, send me,'" Col. Cloutier said. Because of men and women like you, American Families continue to sleep safely in their beds at night."

The Youth Challenge Academy played a significant role this year presenting the colors to the five representatives of each branch of our Armed Forces. Cadet Christopher Farran, a member of the Youth Challenge Academy color guard, took great pride in his role during the event.

"Coming out to this event opened my eyes," said Farran. "Wow, they actually went through this stuff and I just can't wait to do my part."

Farran intends to enlist in either the Army as an infantryman, or the Navy as a navigator like his dad, once he completes high school. Through all of the conflict and loss sustained by the U.S., there has never been a lacking of pride in our nation.

Not all of the cadets who attended have plans with the military, but then again, only one percent of the population wears one of our uniforms.