NEWPORT CHEMICAL DEPOT, Ind. --- Workers at the Newport Chemical Agent Disposal Facility have safely neutralized 75 percent of the VX stored at the Newport Chemical Depot.

The depot reached the 75 percent destruction milestone January 8.

"Employees at the depot have always operated with the safety of the work force, surrounding communities and environment as the top priority and will continue until the entire VX stockpile is gone," said NECD Commander Lt. Col. Brian Lynch. "We take pride in our successes and strive each day to uphold the standards of our mission."

According to the NECDF Site Project Manager Jeff Brubaker, "We anticipate completion of neutralization of the Newport stockpile during the summer of 2008. Completing safe destruction of 75 percent of the stockpile is an important accomplishment for the Newport team and reflects positively on their commitment to safely complete agent operations."

The Chemical Weapons Convention mandates completion of agent destruction by April 2012. The Newport team anticipates completing operations well in advance of this required date.

Doug Reehl, Parsons vice president and project manager for the NECDF congratulated the entire Newport team.

"Together we have safely destroyed 75 percent of the Newport VX stockpile," said Reehl. "Through your diligence and hard work, we are making the world a safer place."

NECD is one of the nation's chemical agent storage and destruction sites managed by the U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency. For nearly 40 years, the Newport work force has safely stored more than 1000 tons of liquid chemical agent. Workers began destroying the VX stockpile utilizing neutralization technology on May 5, 2005. On April 26, 2007, NECDF workers reached the 50-percent destruction milestone.