Chambersburg, PA -- Two ribbons were cut by Letterkenny Army Depot Commander, Col. Cheri A. Provancha and Mr. Scott Jackson, PATRIOT program manager for Raytheon during ceremonies for the PATRIOT Launcher New Build and the Certified Round Assembly Facility (CRAF) Missile Final Assembly Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011.The first ribbon cutting ceremony held at the Tactical Missile Repair Center celebrated completion of final testing and approval for the first PATRIOT Launcher New Build. The PATRIOT Launcher New Build Program began at Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) in January 2010 to provide PATRIOT PAC-3 Launcher Stations for Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems."The success of this program is truly a testament to the Depot as a whole as well as to Raytheon," said Provancha. "Things of this magnitude do not happen in the blink of an eye. It takes planning, dedication, hard work, communication and team work."The partnership is an example of private industry and DOD joining forces to pursue mission accomplishment more effectively, efficiently and powerfully.PATRIOT program manager for Raytheon, Scott Jackson said, "These are extremely complex systems of extraordinary importance in the parts of the world in which we operate today. What we do matters.""LEAD and Raytheon recognized that fulfilling the mission of providing the best support to the Warfighter could be better accomplished through joint support," said Dan Fitzgerald, PATRIOT subcontract program manager -- CRAF/Launcher. "This has always been about the Warfighter and LEAD and Raytheon deliver the quality products that keep them safe."During the ceremony, a PATRIOT PAC-3 launcher station provided the backdrop serving as visual proof for the collaboration and hard work that culminated into this moment of success."The team assembled on this project has worked hard at building a true to design product, enthusiastically participating in improving and documenting work processes and adapting to obstacles with a resolve to overcome," said William Smith, PATRIOT New Build Branch Chief. "Based on comments to our leadership, the team has highly impressed our customer and going forward I believe we will see even greater things from them."Following the conclusion of the PATRIOT Launcher New Build ceremony, the Certified Round Assembly Facility (CRAF) Missile Final Assembly ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the Lightner Missile Complex to celebrate the first completed PATRIOT Guidance Enhanced Missile - Tactical (GEM-T) assembly at Letterkenny.The Theater Readiness Monitoring Directorate was relocated from Red River Army Depot to LEAD as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure of 2005. The Depot met the missile mission ahead of schedule and under cost."The task to convert the existing HAWK Certified Round Assembly Facility at the Lightner Missile Complex to a new production area with test equipment, fixtures and tooling was monumental, on time and on budget," said David Putman, Director Theater Readiness Monitoring Directorate.The new CRAF Division saw an opportunity to enhance a partnership with Raytheon to provide the final assembly of the PATRIOT GEM-T missile."This first production has exceeded all expectations for quality with a demonstrated dedication and pride you don't see every day from the employees that made it happen," said Provancha.The success of these achievements did not derive apart from the support of many key groups to include the Lower Tier Project Office, Wiley- CAS, Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), the Letterkenny Munitions Center and the Directorate of Product Assurance."This could not have been accomplished without the dedicated support of many individuals, said Putman. "The solid work ethic, dedication to mission, and flexibility of the Letterkenny work force speaks volumes in meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations.""We have a positive flow of communication with Raytheon that has enhanced Letterkenny's ability to create excellence every day," said Provancha. "There is no doubt that the culture of excellence in the TRMD and in Raytheon will reap huge benefits over the life of this program."