The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command recently announced it has entered into an agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to use the Intelligent Road/Rail Information Server to support effective decision making during emergency response and recovery situations.

IRRIS is an award-winning, web-based transportation security and logistics application. It integrates critical information about transportation infrastructure from more than 400 data sets - including data on roads, bridges, tunnels, and dams, along with near-real-time information on weather, traffic, and vehicle locations.

SDDC uses this advanced geographic information system to generate highly detailed maps useful for troop and cargo transport. With IRRIS, SDDC can successfully coordinate military/emergency responses, manage assets, and track equipment and personnel from a single user interface.

The application features routing, tracking, analysis, and reporting capabilities, and in-transit visibility functions.

"IRRIS has been a useful tool for the effective and efficient transport of U.S. military shipments," said Paul Allred, IRRIS program manager at SDDC. "We are pleased to offer this technology to FEMA to support its important role in our nation\'s emergency response and recovery efforts."

FEMA uses this patented technology to ensure the safe and secure movement of many FEMA mobile assets during disaster or emergency situations, as well as to facilitate critical decision making before a disaster impacts an area.

IRRIS was fully customized to meet FEMA's unique analysis and reporting needs, including a FEMA-specific user interface and relevant imagery. SDDC also facilitated a partnership with the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency to provide FEMA with data feeds helpful for tracking purposes.

In return, FEMA has provided ITV tracking data to the SDDC version of IRRIS for use within the U.S. Transportation Command's Deployed Distribution Operations Center.

FEMA is one of several agencies to use this application to manage the movement of cargo and equipment or coordinate effective emergency response and planning. The Naval Operational Logistics Support Center-Ammunition and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Geospatial Technologies Office have all used IRRIS technology to support operations.