In an address to the Tooele Army Depot workforce on Oct. 13, Col. Chris Mohan, Tooele Army Depot commander, presented the approved plan for Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) to obtain Deseret Chemical Depot (DCD), under the most favorable conditions. Approval has been received from Brig. Gen. Gustave Perna, commanding general, Joint Munitions Command, Rock Island, Ill., in September, for property transfer to take place in July 2013, with a total occupancy in fiscal 2014 and 2015.
The TEAD installation will include both North and South areas with tenants and third party workload to cover operation costs and lower the depot rates.
Col. Mark Pomeroy, DCD commander, and Col. Chris Mohan, have both committed to affect the best closure of DCD possible, ensuring TEAD's use of available space as early as possible, and resulting in transferring the property in a quality manner.
"This decision provides TEAD a great opportunity to resolve critical storage issues and improve mission efficiencies. TEAD is currently at 91 percent occupied and the additional storage space will allow us to apply proper and effective storage management practices that will translate into operational gains," said Keith Siniscalchi, Director of Ammunition Operations, TEAD.
Also to help mitigate the impact on employees at both TEAD and DCD, both commanders have agreed to participate in the Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (VSIP) Exchange. Separation incentives and voluntary early retirement may be offered to employees in permanent continuing positions to create vacancies for the placement of Department of Defense employees from other activities who are subject to involuntary separation by Reduction-in-Force.