FORT KNOX, Ky. -- Army National Guard and Army Reserve captains and majors seeking Regular Army appointment and service on active duty can apply for the Call to Active Duty, or CAD, program.

"The CAD program is one of several measures used by the Army to ensure we have the best officers available in select critical functional areas," said Jon Finke, the chief of Officer Accessions and Appointments under the Officer Personnel Management Directorate in the Army Human Resources Command. "In the past the program had focused on branch needs but this year the program is transitioning into a skills- and experience-based program."

The CAD program this year is more restricted than in the past, but the possibility exists for active army appointments for captains and majors with knowledge, skill and experience in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Any officer selected for this program incurs a three-year active-duty service obligation.

The basic criteria for this year's CAD program require captains be graduates of an active component Captains Career Course. Majors must have credit for completion of the active component common core phase of Intermediate Level Education. All applicants must have credit for at least four years active federal commissioned service, hold a security clearance of secret or higher, be medically qualified in accordance with standards of medical fitness, be in compliance with Army height and weight standards, have a baccalaureate degree, and be able to complete 20 years of active service by age 62.

Selections for the program will be made by the Officer Management Directorate of the Army Human Resources Command as detailed in MILPER Message 11-318.

For more information about U.S. Army Human Resources Command, visit:, CALL 1-888-276-9472; or email