PINE BLUFF ARSENAL, Ark. -- The Pine Bluff Chemical Agent Disposal Facility eliminated the 10,000th VX nerve-agent filled rocket Jan. 3.

The disposal of the 10,000th rocket places PBCDF at more than 50 percent complete with VX rocket disposal operations.

"With the VX rocket campaign more than half-way complete, we continue to significantly reduce the risk to the community," said Eddie Whitworth, acting PBCDF site project manager.

PBCDF achieved the 50 percent VX rocket disposal mark Jan. 2. To date, the combined total of munitions disposed of at PBCDF from both the GB and VX campaigns, is more than 100,000.

"We are proud of every milestone we achieve as it brings us closer to safely eliminating the stockpile at the Arsenal," said David Reber, Washington Division's project general manager.

VX rocket disposal operations began on October 11, 2007, when the Pine Bluff Chemical Activity safely transported the first enhanced onsite containers carrying VX-filled rockets to PBCDF. The first VX rocket was eliminated Oct. 13.

VX rockets are the second chemical weapons disposal campaign. The estimated duration of the VX rocket campaign is approximately six months. Following completion of VX rocket disposal operations, there will be a changeover period during which the facility will be made ready for and personnel will be trained in VX landmine disposal operations.

Prior to chemical weapons disposal operations the Pine Bluff Arsenal had safely stored 3,850 tons of chemical agent, 12 percent of the Army's original chemical weapons stockpile, for more than 60 years.