KONAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Members of 2nd Company, 1st Commando Kandak, killed 18 insurgents and discovered a large weapons cache during a clearing operation in Maya village, Khas Konar district, Oct. 25.
The Commandos conducted the clearing operation to disrupt insurgent activity and hinder their ability to operate freely in neighboring Sar Kani district.
During the operation, the partnered forces were engaged by enemy forces multiple times, resulting in 18 insurgents killed, one wounded and two personnel taken into custody by the Commandos.
In addition, a large cache of weapons was discovered inside a building. The combined forces found 1,000 rounds of small arms ammunition, a machine gun, 20 fragmentation grenades, one complete 81mm mortar, 400 pounds of explosives, two rocket propelled grenade launchers and four RPG warheads. In addition, the partnered forces found eight radios, insurgent propaganda, uniforms, medical supplies and improvised explosive device materials. The cache was determined to be too large and unstable to move and was destroyed in place.
No civilian injuries or collateral damage was reported.