ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - The Aberdeen Proving Ground Burger King is getting a revamped, modern look with its new 20/20 redesign.

"We are the first AAFES Burger King to receive this futuristic design so we are really excited," said Jamie Turner, Burger King's general manager. "The changes will blow guests away."

Inside the restaurant, guests will order from LCD-digital-menus, get their daily dose of news on plasma TVs, and surf the Internet using BK's free Wi-Fi.

According to the fast food chain's website, the 20/20 prototype replaces the traditional earth-tone décor with a contemporary red and black color scheme, giving it a futuristic feel with a modern industrial pallet of metallic finishes, red and black accents and other artistic interpretations of the company's "grill-centric" brand.

The materials used are higher quality. For instance, we used real stucco brick for the walls and the ceramic tile for the floors that looks like rustic wood and concrete, and Corian for the countertops," said Nick Pantazis, a private contractor who is working on the renovations. "This gives the restaurant a more adult, upscale feel."

"This shift in design focuses on the food itself, promoting that Burger King uses a flame broiler," Turner said. "Burger King has moved away from using the King as a mascot. They are concentrating more on the product instead of the image."

In fact, the 20/20 restaurant features the revolutionary Duke Flexible Batch Broiler, which maximizes cooking flexibility and facilitates a broader menu selection while reducing operational and energy costs.

Other kitchen improvements include the Kitchen Minder, which monitors time and temperature in the cabinets and notifies staff and managers when to prepare more food and discard older products.

"This is equipment is really important ensures that customers receive fresh food," said Kahaliah McRaney, senior manager.

Turner said that other equipment has been replaced or added to the kitchen area, like the addition of a soft serve ice cream machine and a real fruit smoothie maker.

"These are exciting additions and I believe they will be big sellers," Turner said.

Other new food items include new healthier options like oatmeal with fruit and made to order salads. Adding another level of freshness, BK will now cut their vegetables for salads and sandwiches, as opposed to getting prepackaged vegetables, according to McRaney.

Turner said 10 new employees have been hired in addition to the five employees that worked at the restaurant before renovations.

Turner, who recently transferred to the APG Burger King from an AAFES Burger King in Japan, said that more employees will work the lunch shift to speed up service. The new heated sandwich board area will assist by allowing management to delegate employees to either the dining room or drive thru area.

"Our goal is to have customers in and out of the drive through in two minutes and 30 seconds, and in our dining room be served in three minutes. That is from the time they stand in line to the time they get their food," Turner said.

Turner added that he encourages feedback from customers.

The Burger King is tentatively set to open the second week of November. For more information, call Turner at 410-273-7464.