BAGHLAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan, Oct. 26, 2011 -- Women from several villages gathered to meet with a coalition Cultural Support Team to discuss future training opportunities for women, in Pul-E-Khumri district, Oct. 16.

Attending the meeting were women from five different villages, as well as Rahima Zarifi from Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's Department of Women's Affairs.

Women of all ages attended the shura to discuss the need for training in basic health care, preventative medicine, teacher education and pre-natal care. In addition, the shura also discussed future training that the villagers would like to receive at future shuras.

At the end of the shura, the coalition Cultural Support Team announced that a sewing clinic will be hosted by the wives of village elders in the near future.

The coalition Cultural Support Team was pleased at the turn out of women for the shura and plan to continue to interact with them and provide education opportunities.

"The gathering of women from various villages allowed us to introduce our presence within the province," said a coalition CST member.