KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Afghan National Army Commandos from the 3rd Commando Kandak, combat advised by coalition Special Operations Forces, completed a clearing operation in the Shah Wali Kot district of southern Afghanistan's Kandahar province, Oct. 24.
The purpose of the mission was to establish the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's presence and investigate a suspected insurgent staging area as well as disrupt the Taliban's freedom of movement in the district.
Acting on tips from local villagers in the area, the Commandos were able to identify the location of a vehicle bomb made from a stolen Afghan Local Police vehicle, which was later destroyed.
"The operation gave Afghan security forces the ability to provide security to the villages in the district as well as disrupt the enemy's plans to attack high-profile targets in Kandahar province," said a coalition SOF team member. "[They] also provided the combined team the ability to quickly and efficiently eliminate imminent threats to forces on the battlefield."
The team member added that as a result of the operation, the Commandos were able to effectively disrupt the Taliban's freedom of movement and deny them any further safe havens to operate from within the area.
No civilian casualties and no property damage resulted from the operation.