YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - The 65th Medical Brigade hosted the 38th Parallel Military Medical Conference on Yongsan Garrison.

During the conference, medical experts from around the Korean Peninsula gathered to exchange best practices.

This year, the society celebrates its 60th anniversary.

The theme for this year's event was commemorating 60 years of warrior care in Korea.

The 38th Parallel Military Medical Society, organized during the Korean War, offered medical care to Soldiers suffering from the notorious and routinely severe cold injuries.

The wartime combat medics, heroes of the battlefield, have now become military medical professionals providing Soldiers' healthcare.

Col. Rafael De Jesus, commander of 65th Medical Brigade, said, "For the past 61 years, the Republic of Korea and United States medical personnel have worked hand in hand to enhance our relationships between two great nations."

This conference presents best practices and research to U.S. Army health care providers stationed around Korea. It also provides educational credits.

The society honored retired ROK Army Gen. Paik Sun-yup, Yu Yong-pong and Dr. Moon Tai-joon for their dedication to the initial stages of 38th Parallel Medical Society.

"This conference provides great opportunity for health care professionals to come together and exchange ideas, learn new things and build new relationships," said Conference Organizer Col. Marie Dominguez, 65th Medical Brigade chief of professional services and deputy commander for clinical services of Medical Department Activity-Korea. "The health care providers can learn the newest practices and apply them to Eighth Army Soldiers."

The conference concluded Oct. 24.