PAKTIYA PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Commandos from multiple units conducted clearing operations in eastern Afghanistan, Oct. 9-17.
The operation was a joint effort with coalition Special Operations Forces to disrupt insurgent activities in the Paktiya, Wardak and Konar provinces.
In Dand Patan district, Paktiya province, commandos from 2nd Company, 2nd Commando Kandak, successfully targeted an insurgent safe haven responsible for multiple attacks against coalition and Afghan forces in the area, resulting in at least 14 insurgents killed and one individual with insurgent ties detained. During the searching operations, multiple high-powered rifles, AK-47's, shotguns, hand grenades and chest racks were discovered. The weapons were confiscated, some of which were destroyed on-site.
Commandos from 2nd Company, 1st Commando Kandak, successfully disrupted a critical node of the insurgents' explosives and indirect fire facilitation network in Sarkani district, Konar province. Two insurgents were engaged and killed by close air support and a cache containing one 82mm mortar round, one pair of binoculars, three Afghan National Police uniforms, five rifles, insurgent propaganda and radio equipment was seized.
Five insurgents, including one low-level commander, were detained by 3rd Company, 6th Commando Kandak, in Chak-E Wardak district, Wardak province. The operation successfully targeted an emerging improvised explosive device network in the valley, resulting in the destruction of one suspected IED and IED materials. The operation successfully denied the village's use as an insurgent safe haven and staging point for attacks on coalition and Afghan forces in the area. In addition, the partnered forces were able to detain five insurgents, including a local commander.
There were no commando or civilian casualties and no property damage was reported during the operation.