ADELPHI, Md. -- Effective immediately, people who work at the U.S. Army Adelphi Laboratory Center are not required to register vehicles with ALC law enforcement or display a Department of Defense registration decal to enter the installation.The Army Provost Marshal General recently authorized post and garrison commanders to do away with motor vehicle registration and decals if the commander sees no added value to security. Joe Watson, Adelphi Laboratory Center garrison manager, determined that Adelphi would join the Army installations of the Military District of Washington and stop requiring DOD decals and vehicle registration.The requirement remains to show a Common Access Card, military ID, or other government-issued photo identification for access to Adelphi. All vehicles are subject to search at any time, which has always been true. During heightened security, two forms of photo ID may be required. In a departure from previous policy, the ALC employee/contractor access badge may be used as the second form of ID, and at times may be required.While the requirement to register vehicles on base is gone, vehicles must still be licensed, registered, inspected and insured according to state and local laws. Rental contracts serve as proof for proper licensing, registration and insurance of rental vehicles.Stickers can be removed or left on the vehicle. If you remove the sticker, please bring it to the Police Desk in the lobby of the Harry Diamond Building in an envelope with your name and vehicle details - license number, make and model.