YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth Army personnel took a close look at the ways that they can help to safeguard important information here Oct. 18 - 21.

Service members and civilians learned how to manage an effective OPSEC program during the Operations Security Analysis and Program Management Course on Yongsan Garrison.

The course was taught by Chris Turner, Sr., and Tony Maybrier from the Joint OPSEC Support Element at the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center in San Antonio, Texas.

The Joint OPSEC Support Element traces its roots to the Purple Dragon Team established by the U.S. Pacific Command during the Vietnam War.

Both instructors encouraged the class to regularly emphasize the importance of operations security to force protection and mission accomplishment.

"OPSEC saves lives," said Turner, who travels around the world teaching OPSEC courses to Department of Defense personnel.

Maybrier said good OPSEC also applies to the military family.