KITA-FUJI TRAINING AREA, JAPAN, Oct. 20, 2011 -- Orient Shield 11 progressed through its second day of functional training Thursday. Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 141st Infantry Regiment, joined members of the Japan Ground Self Defense Force, or JGSDF, Eastern Army, 1st Division, 1st Aviation in performing mounted heliborne operations.

JGSDF Members provided five UH-1J and one UH-1H helicopters for air support during the mission. U.S. Soldiers rehearsed perimeter security; mounting and dismounting protocol, and chalk safety procedures.

A total of 112 U.S. personnel participated in the training, said 1st Lt. Charles H. Reinhardt the Executive Officer for Company B, 3-141 Inf. Reg.

The Soldiers are glad to be here, and enjoy sharing tactics with the JGSDF members, said Reinhardt.

"They're understanding us, we're understanding them and we have a lot of stuff in common," said Pfc. Chauncey Scott an infantry Soldier with the 3-141 Inf. Reg.

Although it may seem that language or cultural differences may prove a hindrance to training, the two groups executed the training without hitch and seem genuine in their excitement to be a part of this unique bi-lateral training experience.

"We are all very motivated and happy to be here and to be training with our allies," said Staff Sgt. Hermilo Rodriguez, a platoon sergeant, with the 3-141.