FORT STEWART, Ga. - Soldiers and Family Members from 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, Third Infantry Division, participated in a Master Resiliency overview and Family Readiness Group meeting held at Fort Stewart's Woodruff Theater, Oct. 5.

During the Master Resiliency overview, Family Members learned about the Army's Master Resiliency training and how the training relates to both Soldiers and Family.

"We wanted to explain to the Families the techniques which could be learned during the Master Resiliency training course," Joyce Scott, 1/30th Inf. Family Readiness Support Assistant, said.

The Army's Master Resiliency training is mandatory for Soldiers; however, Scott said the techniques learned during the course are invaluable to both the Soldiers and the Family.

"During the course, Family Members can greatly benefit learning about dealing with adversity, especially while their spouse is deployed. These techniques empower the Family Member to face challenges and even overcome daily stressors," Scott said.

Staff Sergeant Brianna Mosley, 1/30th Inf. Master Resiliency Trainer, said the techniques learned from the Master Resiliency Course have helped her deal with everyday stresses.

"The course is great for both Soldiers and Families; the kind of tools that are taught with dealing with stressors or adversity do not only pertain to Soldiers, but are invaluable life skills anyone can benefit from," Staff Sgt. Mosley said.

"The tools are really life skills for everyone; whether you are a Soldier whom is deployed or a Family Member back home, the skills provide you with the tools to get back up, regardless of the amount of stress and adversity you might face."

During the evening's meeting, Lt. Col. Michael Jason, battalion commander, 1/30th Inf., said that he believed strongly in the tools and values which are learned from the Master Resiliency Course and that regardless of a Soldier's schedule the 1/30th Inf. battalion will work with them if their spouse wishes to attend the course.

"Just to show how important this training is to the battalion, we are willing to bend over backwards to get this training to all spouses who wish to attend. We will work with that Soldier and their Family's schedule to get them the training; it truly is that important to us," Lt. Col. Jason said.