As the new fiscal year begins, the energy conservation department of the Environmental Natural Research Division requests everyone's involvement and assistance to conserve energy in their facilities.

Since the mid-1970s, energy management and conservation have been priorities in the federal sector as a result of escalating and unpredictable energy costs.

Air and water pollution, global warming, and depletion of natural resources have gained prominence over the years; including the federal government's role in these areas given the federal government is the largest energy consumer.

Fort Belvoir has undertaken numerous efforts over the years to reduce its energy and water consumption and to recycle waste materials. Its efforts have included major capital improvements via Energy Service Performance Contract in its building facilities, such as efficient chillers/boilers, motors, variable speed drive controls, lighting, room occupancy sensors, and water efficient fixtures. The garrison continues to undertake efforts to reduce its energy in building renovation/new construction facilities evidencing ENRD management's commitment in providing energy efficient facilities and minimizing Fort Belvoir's impact on the environment.

What action can you take to save energy?

The workplace accounts for most of the garrison's energy use and it offers a unique opportunity for people to make a significant impact on conservation by putting into practice some of the following energy saving actions:

• Turn off lights, computers, monitors and non-computing equipment when not in use
• Use natural lighting when possible
• When working late, use task lighting
• Wear seasonally appropriate clothing
• Always use the second side of the paper
• Avoid washing up under running taps
• Use durable, not disposable coffee cups

Energy-efficiency techniques as mentioned above remain the cheapest and quickest way to save energy. They should be pursued aggressively on a daily basis. Workers must take time to review their routine to conserve energy and water in our buildings; it's what the occupants do when they're at work matters. Every dollar saved on energy and water is a dollar that can be spent on our Soldiers, their readiness, and their mission to fight and win.

Thank you in advance for your continued support in reducing energy and water at Fort Belvoir.