FORT BENNING, Ga. - Hey you! Don't play with matches!

Ok, fire safety brief done, right? It might be enough to cover what you thought you knew, but today is not that day. A quick YouTube search of "stupid fire accidents" yields some rather interesting results.

First up is the aptly named "Stupid Fire Accident." The video features a young man as he pours a rather large amount of nitro and oil infused gas onto a bush and lights it. Let's call the results explosive.

From there, YouTube suggests I check out "Stupid people with fire." Hairspray plus a lighter is never a good combination, even worse when this guy is trying to light a candle with it.

After watching these "not-so-smart" internet stars, I clicked through a few more suggestions and continued down the path of ridiculousness, ending with a video about a giant snake that can eat trains. I would like the last two minutes of my life back on that one.

I think most would agree that much of what I watched on YouTube is pretty stupid. Most would recognize that the stunts with fire are useless attempts to gain attention, but it got me thinking.

I saw a Christmas tree next to an overloaded outlet get consumed in less than ten seconds.

Can you imagine what the sheets on your bed could do with you still in them?

How about the pot left on the stove bursting into flames? I know how hard I have worked for the things I have, and I would like to keep it all - thank you very much.

All kidding aside, fire safety is serious business. What starts out as a prank or a stunt or even a simple oversight can get really serious really fast. Think before you act, and check your smoke detectors and living area for signs of potential problems. Of course, you could always be the next "star" on Youtube.