FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. -- Dozens of friends and family members gathered at the main post chapel Wednesday to say farewell to the last of three Personal Security Detachment (PSD) squads assigned to 988th Military Police Company, 92nd Military Police Battalion slated to deploy in support of Operation New Dawn this year.

"Protective services is not something that line MP companies normally get tasked to perform, it is a mission that requires a very special Soldier," said Maj. Timothy Slemp, the 92nd MP Battalion rear commander. "It requires absolute command over oneself, over the prospect of imminent threats that could present themselves without any warning whatsoever."

In addition to the three-week Protective Services Training course provided by the U.S. Army Military Police School here, Soldiers assigned to this mission have trained with an Arabic Mobile Training Team, completed an explosive hazards course, and culminated their preparation with a three-day certification exercise by escorting Col. Kevin Vereen, 14th Military Police Brigade commander.

"There are thirteen different tasks that we can be required to perform during a PSD mission," said staff Sgt. Ryan McCarthy, squad leader of the deploying PSD team. "Basically, we're prepared to take a bullet."

Leaders and dignitaries that are provided with a PSD team have direct influence on the strategic planning and the major implications on the direction of this war, added Slemp.

Several Soldiers from the 988th MP Company PSD platoon who are currently deployed in the Middle East are slated to receive the Combat Action Badge for neutralizing an enemy ambush on September 11, 2011.