Newly promoted non-commissioned officers walked out in front of their peers and waited for a recommendation by his or her first line supervisor. As they were recommended they were able to pass through an archway and over a line symbolizing stepping into the new responsibilities of the NCO.
Command Sgt. Maj. Anthony Wright, senior enlisted advisor of 407th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division ushered them into the ranks of the NCO saying, "Inductee, step forward and cross the line into the non-commissioned officers corps."
Seats were filled with NCOs of 407th BSB, there to witness the 17 new junior leaders promoted into the NCO Corps at a ceremony on Al-Asad Air Base, Iraq, Sept. 30.
Wright presented the Paratroopers with promotion and NCO Creed certificates as he congratulate each one.
He then addressed all the assembled NCOs saying, "Today, the non-commissioned officer corps still abides by the words of Baron Von Steuben and continues to live by the creed of the non-commissioned officer." At this point all NCOs stood and recited the entire creed with the new inductees.
"I thought the ceremony was pretty awesome. It makes you feel proud to be a non-commissioned officer," said Cpl. Gabrielle D. Castro, a food service specialist and squad leader with 407th. Castro is a native of Saginaw, Mich.
"Tradition of the NCO Corps is something we forget, the ceremony allows us to instill pride and tradition in the NCO," said Wright.