FORT BENNING Ga. - When it comes to leadership, history has a way of repeating itself. Those in charge often look at the past for guidance and the pathway to success.

As Fort Benning completes the final stages of its historic transformation from the Infantry Center and School to the fully operational Maneuver Center of Excellence, the scene was fitting Aug. 26 as today's and tomorrow's Army leaders repeated history at a building unique to the installation, and perhaps most importantly, the Army heritage.

Initiated by Maj. Gen. Robert Brown, MCOE commanding general, senior leadership on post came together at the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit's Patton Roundhouse for a day of team-building and professional development.

Those in attendance included Brown, Command Sgt. Maj. Chris Hardy, MCoE, the Infantry and Armor commandants and their CSMs, all brigade commanders and their CSMs, and the commanding general's staff.

The Roundhouse was built while the post was undergoing a transformation of the Infantry School to the Infantry Center and School back in the 1930s, establishing Fort Benning as the premier training platform with greater capabilities for training the finest Infantry Soldiers and leaders in the world.

Former Gens. Omar Bradley, Courtney Hodges, George Patton and Paul Tibbets gathered in the very same Roundhouse during their time on Fort Benning to grow solidarity along the leaders on post and develop strategies that are still used today.

They also used it as a a hunting lodge and placed small wagers on friendly trap and skeet matches while building camaraderie amongst the future leaders of the past.

Running parallel to those years, the Roundhouse underwent a significant restoration from late 2010 into this year before being rededicated in January.

At the same time, Fort Benning underwent yet another profound transformation from the Infantry Center and School to the MCoE. A few months later, senior leaders were back at the Fort Benning relic, developing strategies for today's Army and having a little fun on the range.