Army Energy Awareness Month Senior Leader Letter
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HON Katherine Hammack
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Dear Army Team Members,

In recognition of October Energy Awareness Month, I am pleased to post the attached Army Leadership Message that conveys the importance of our collective efforts in the areas of Energy Security and Sustainability.

To provide the energy we need to accomplish our global mission, our Army spends about $4B each year. Reducing demand and enhancing energy security are operationally necessary, financially prudent, and mission critical. Assuring sufficient, secure energy -- in our operational missions and at our installations -- must become a key planning consideration for all Army activities.

Through our comprehensive efforts in the areas of Soldier Power, Basing Power, and Vehicle Power, we are working to ensure that the Army of the future has assured access to the resources it will need to perform its mission -- at a cost it can afford. Your leadership, which is making a difference today, will be required to: reduce demand, increase efficiency, employ alternative sources, and create a culture of energy accountability.

I sincerely appreciate your continued support to reduce the Army's energy footprint.

HON Katherine Hammack

Assistant Secretary of the Army

(Installations, Energy & Environment)

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