LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles District participated in the 30th Annual Morro Bay Harbor Festival Oct. 1-2.

"No one is ever too young or too mature to learn valuable water safety tips that can save lives," said Cecy Ordonez, Army health promotion coordinator for the District.

Ordonez and Bobber, the USACE Water Safety Dog, delivered the message to those who stopped by the Corps exhibit during this year's festival.

Other district team members also shared information about the Corps' navigation, operations and maintenance, civil works and environmental restoration missions.

"This is a great venue for meeting people who have no knowledge of the Corps and those who are familiar with our dredging project in the area," said Monica Eichler, project manager in the District's Navigation and Coastal Branch.

Eichler participated for the first time this year, speaking to visitors who stopped by with questions about dredging operations in the bay, including City of Morro Bay Mayor William Yates.

"We absolutely love the Army Corps of Engineers here in Morro Bay," said Yates. "We're very happy you're here."

The Corps was part of the marine education outreach exhibits on the north T Pier.

According to festival's website, the primary purpose of the Morro Bay Harbor Festival is to bring together a cross-section of the community to celebrate Morro Bay's Harbor, coastal lifestyles and livelihoods, environment and maritime heritage through a family-oriented, intergenerational event that promotes off-season tourism throughout the Central Coast and contributes significant funds to a diversity of San Luis Obispo County non-profit organizations.

The event, held during the first weekend in October, draws thousands of visitors and hosts more than 150 exhibitors and vendors each year.