Postal Service sets holiday mail deadlines

By Mark Edwards, Human Resources Command Public AffairsOctober 26, 2011

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 26, 2011 -- The United States Postal Service and Military Postal Service Agency have released deadlines to ensure packages arrive to Military and State Department post offices overseas by Dec. 25, 2011.

Deadlines to ensure arrival by Dec. 25 are Nov. 12 for parcel post mail; Nov. 26 for space-available mail; Dec. 3 for parcel airlift mail; Dec. 10 for priority mail and first-class mail, letters and cards; and Dec. 17 for express mail military service.

The Military Postal Service Agency highly encourages customers to mail packages on or before the dates for the specific mail category in order to avoid unplanned transportation delays. Not all Military or State Department post offices are eligible for Express Mail Military Service therefore, customers should plan accordingly.

"Express Mail Military Service is not available for holiday packages and mail going to Iraq and Afghanistan," said Faye Slater, the deputy director of the Military Postal Service Agency.

The Military Postal Service provides mail service around the world to Department of Defense and most Department of State locations. Mail is moved on commercial and military aircraft and commercial sealift vessels to nearly 2,000 military post offices located in over 85 countries.

The Adjutant General of the Army, located at the Human Resources Command, Fort Knox, Ky., is the Executive Director of the Military Postal Service Agency.

For information on mailing deadlines and restrictions, email the Military Postal Service at: .

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