FORT STEWART, Ga. - Each year, the month of October is celebrated as "National Disability Employment Awareness Month" to remind both job seekers and employers alike of the employment needs and contributions of those with disabilities. This year's theme is, "Profit by Investing in Workers with Disabilities." The theme honors the contributions of workers with disabilities and serves to inform the public that they represent a highly skilled talent pool that can help employers compete in today's global economy.

Currently, Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield disability population is 5.6 percent of the overall Civilian employment population. Having a disability does not mean you aren't able to do the job you were hired to do; individuals with disabilities are just as capable of performing their job as individuals without disabilities.

Stewart-Hunter, along with the rest of the Army, strives to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. Employees with disabilities may require flexible work schedules, job restructuring, reassignments or modification of equipment. The Fort Stewart EEO office works with managers and supervisors to assist in providing accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.

I encourage everyone to not make assumptions about individuals with disabilities. Not all disabilities are apparent. A person may have a hidden disability such as: low vision, hearing impairment or a learning disability. Just because someone has a cognitive impairment, such as a learning disability, does not mean that they have below-average intelligence. The individual might have difficulty receiving, expressing or processing information. Focus on the individuals' abilities and not their disability.

Most importantly Federal employees with disabilities have proven time and time again to be productive members of the team. Please take advantage of our focus on disabilities this month to learn more.