WIESBADEN, Germany - Though the security officers at the front gates are not wearing green, residents can be assured that their training meets the highest standards to keep the community secure.

"They go to the range more than a German Polizei officer," said Reguy Lane, Pond Security Service contract manager.

According to Col. Jeffrey Dill, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander, the need to fully understand the function and capabilities of the Pond Security Service came about during the full-scale emergency exercise in August.

Garrison leaders received an overview of the training Pond security officers undergo before they assume their positions providing security for the Army communities in Germany.

While getting familiar with operations at the training facility located in Bernbach (near Gelnhausen), garrison officials toured the facility, observed semi-annual competency training, and dog team demonstrations.

"We want commanders to see our extensive training program and go back and reassure their communities that our personnel are well qualified for the job of securing military communities," said Lane, adding that "such visits also allow leaders the opportunity of communicating the unique needs of the different communities."

The academy provides a full spectrum of safety and security-related courses for the novice and well-experienced security professionals. Pond Security officers receive three to four weeks of initial training. Subsequently, they undergo quarterly, semi-annual training to remain proficient.

The training curriculum includes basic training that is "among the highest standards in Europe;" annual sustainment training, quarterly training, and semi-annual situational training. Additional training includes quarterly and annual weapons qualification and physical agility assessments.

All security officer training ends with a written or hands-on certification, "so it is not just sitting in a class and receiving a diploma," said Lane.

The security professionals are trained as basic security officers according to German Law and receive instruction in numerous topics. Among these training topics are authority and liability, German civil and penal law, interpersonal communication, de-escalation training, physical security, basic firefighting, weapons, patrolling, and first aid. Pond Security Service has approximately 2,500 security and support personnel in its company. Additionally, the security company has 38 assigned managers, 70 training instructors, 195 supervisors, 26 certified explosive detection dog teams, 25 patrol dog teams, and operates six large vehicle inspection system teams.

The Bildungszentrum Pond Academy is an independent educational institution and a member of the Federal Association of German Guard and Security Companies. It is accredited under the Recognition and Licensing of Continuing Education regulation.