FORT BENNING, Ga. - The Directorate of Emergency Services' primary objective is to enhance the safety and welfare of the Soldiers and families who comprise the Fort Benning military community.

Over the last few months, speed enforcement has been the most requested police service by the residents of Fort Benning, according to the Interactive Customer Evaluation system. In response to the ICE comments, DES is aggressively pursuing speed enforcement across the post.

Since April, DES has documented a 28 percent increase in May and a 49 percent increase in June for the number of tickets issued to speeders. During the last few weeks, DES has increased police presence in all housing areas located on Custer Road and in Patton, Custer, Upatoi and McGraw villages.

Officers observed 125 vehicles and approximately 90 percent were traveling at 15 mph or less, 9 percent were traveling in between 15 and 19 mph and only 1 percent were traveling above 20 mph.

Further analysis has shown that most drivers tend to speed during the morning and the evening, during the time when Soldiers typically commute to and from work.

Law enforcement personnel have been instructed to increase speed enforcement during these times. Currently DES is exploring more options to both deter speeders and hold reckless drivers accountable in order to continue to keep the Fort Benning military community safe and protect its residents.