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Did You know: Facts about Energy Awareness

• Last year the energy costs for the U.S. Army was about $4 billion -- about 70 percent of that was spent on fuel.

• During World War II, supporting one Soldier on the battlefield took one gallon of fuel per day. Today, we use over 22 gallons per day, per Soldier.

• For a 72-hour mission, today's infantry platoon, consisting of 30 Soldiers, carries 400 pounds of batteries to power their equipment.

• We have 1.1 million Soldiers in our ranks and more than 400,000 civilians and contracted employees. If we were a city, we would represent the fourth largest city in the United States.

• The Army has 158 installations worldwide; more than 132,000 miles of infrastructure for electric, gas, sewer and water; and over one billion square feet of office space.

• The Army owns more than 15 million acres of land across the United States, or about 24,000 square miles which, if the Army was a state, we'd be the 42nd largest.

• The Federal Government fist set aside time to raise energy awareness in 1981 with American Energy Week, which was observed from 1981 through 1985. If became a month-long observance at the U.S. Department of Energy in 1986. On September 13, 1991, President George Bush proclaimed October as Energy Awareness Month. Since then, DOE has been conducting energy awareness campaigns each year that promote the wise and efficient use of our nation's energy.

• President Barack Obama proclaimed October 2009 National Energy Awareness Month to shine new light on energy awareness activities. Within the proclamation, President Obama stated, "During National Energy Awareness Month, we recognize the contributions of individuals, organizations and companies that are committed to advancing energy innovation and efficiency and we promote the importance of clean energy economy to our Nation." President Obama signed a similar proclamation in 2010, continuing October as National Energy Awareness Month.

• October Energy Awareness Month provides an excellent opportunity for the Army to focus and strengthen efforts to improve the Army's energy security. This year the Army is focused on "Army Power and Energy: Enhancing Mission Effectiveness, while Preserving Future Choices."

• To accomplish their global mission the Army requires assured access to energy to meet operational needs and to power installations. The Army must aggressively improve their power and energy posture in order to reduce their reliance on a fragile electric grid and vulnerable foreign oil supplies. The Army must work collectively to change their culture, making energy a consideration in everything that we do and every Soldier a power manager.

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