He's a long way from the world of an Army infantryman, but instead of the heavy combat equipment he often carries, Spc. Logan Sheriff, Alpha Company infantryman, 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), is lightening his load with a cordless microphone. As one of four narrators in Spirit of America, a show filled with historical recollections and musical entertainment which celebrates the contributions of the U.S. Army from 1775 to the present day, Logan is not only living the Army's story but telling it as well."I don't think everybody knows what it's like to be a Soldier outside of what they see on T.V. or what they are taught in school. Those are all opinions, but when they hear it from actual Soldiers, it sinks in a little more," said Sheriff.Sheriff, a native of Chicago, Ill., said the versatility of the Army motivated him to join two years ago."The option of joining the Army came up and I thought why not? You get to serve your country and do something different every day," said Sheriff.However, even though Sheriff knew he would have various opportunities in the military, Sheriff admits he never thought as an infantryman he would find himself on the stage."Spirit of America takes me completely out of my comfort zone," said Sheriff. "I've never done drama or performed in front of people."Sheriff continued to say as a narrator, he had to memorize a lot more lines than his counterparts, but narrating through various events which have shaped our nation gave him a deeper appreciation for what it means to be a Soldier."When you're working every day, you really don't think about all the sacrifices that were made, but when you're telling it, you feel it," said Sheriff.This year, SOA focused on the theme perseverance, a quality Sheriff said truly describes the American Soldier."If you think about all the things the American Soldier has accomplished, like walking around in the Revolutionary war without shoes on while their toes were failing off, yet they still managed to gain our nation's independence; I think that in itself explains how the American Soldier thrives on perseverance," said Sheriff. "Everyone is driven from within."