"We keep accountability of all the equipment units are signed for." Said Jeffery Calhoun, a Honeywell employee who helps the Army manage theater provided equipment at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan.

The TPE team falls under Logistics Task Force-4, part of the 401st Army Field Support Battalion--Kandahar, 401st Army Field Support Brigade. They manage 72 hand receipts, worth approximately $182 million.

Often when units arrive in Afghanistan they get many of their vehicles and other equipment here. Managing all of that equipment is Army Material Command's 401st Army field support Brigade and its subordinate units. It's a big responsibility, made even more challenging when the equipment is issued to another service.

"The Marines manage their accountability a lot differently, it's getting them to understand Army policy," said Calhoun.

There is no typical day Calhoun said. "Every day is different. We just help the units keep track of their property by processing documents."

Calhoun's favorite part, "dealing with the customers."

The idea of being responsible for millions upon millions of dollars worth of equipment might give some insurmountable heartburn. While it causes a stressful day or two for Calhoun and his team it's all part of a day's work here.

"As a team member it makes me important. Accountability is the most important thing out here," said Calhoun.