GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- Soldiers from the 574th Quartermaster Support Company, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, participated in a platoon defense training exercise here, June 22-24.

The 574th QMSC was tasked with defending a specified area against enemy threats.
The training exercise required the Soldiers to occupy fighting positions and fend off numerous enemy targets, including vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices and ground targets during several waves of attacks.

"The platoon defense live fire was a good exercise because we were required to work as a team in defending our area against several enemies," said Spc. Sean Vincent, a native of Gretna, La. and a unit supply specialist with the 574th QMSC, and one of the machine gun operaters for the exercise. "It was nice to get all the different weapons systems out to fire on the same range together."

"It was good to be a part of this exercise because it re-emphasized the importance of communications within the platoon," said Pfc. Zachary Williams, a native of Berea, Ky. and a petroleum supply specialist with 574th QMSC. "The range was so big and there were so many targets you had to keep on top of the amount of ammo you have while scanning your lane."

574th QMSC was the first company in the 18th CSSB to go through this training exercise and will run the range for the rest of the battalion this year in order to enhance the unit's combat readiness.