Emotions ran high as TACOM LCMC associates gathered in the auditorium of building 200 at the Detroit Arsenal September 8 to remember the events of September 11, 2001.

The TACOM LCMC Choir performed a number of musical selections and two associates, Dorothy (Dottie) Rudik from the G5/G7 and TACOM LCMC Chaplain Assistant Sgt. David Teakell, spoke about how the events of that unforgettable day forever changed their lives.

Rudik was employed at the Pentagon, in the Army G4 office, at the time and spoke with great emotion about the things that she and her co-workers experienced on that day. "I was working in the Pentagon that day," Rudik said. "My office was on the third floor, directly above the crash impact, in the newly renovated section." She went on to talk about three people that she worked with who "went above and beyond the call of duty." They rescued a number of people from the flames and one of them used a borrowed van to take a burn victim to the hospital because the last ambulance had left and he was determined to get her to the hospital before she died. Rudik said she was so moved by their acts of heroism that she personally nominated them for the Soldier's Award, the highest award that a Soldier in a non-combat situation can receive. The audience appeared to be deeply moved as they listened to her story.

Teakell said he was working in a factory in Oklahoma City and that, at first, he could not believe the things his co-workers were saying about the events that were unfolding in New York and Washington. However, when he went to the break room and was able to see for himself what was happening on the TV screen, he felt compelled to do something to help those whose lives were being impacted by what he was seeing. "My country was under attack," he said, "and I needed to do my part." The end result was that he decided to enlist in the Army, a decision he says he has never regretted.

In his closing remarks, TACOM LCMC Commander Maj. Gen. Kurt Stein thanked everyone for coming, praised the choir for their performance, and offered a special note of appreciation to Rudik and Teakell for sharing their stories. "Thank you for having the courage to stand up here and share your stories," he said.