HEIDELBERG, Germany, Sept. 15, 2011 -- Are you paying U.S. taxes? Are you serving the U.S. government here? Are you a citizen of a European nation? Do you benefit from regional stability?

Many people around the world are linked to U.S. Army Europe and the recently released USAREUR application for mobile devices is designed to strengthen those links and keep people informed on the latest Army in Europe information, news and events.

The application, or app, puts key elements of the USAREUR website in users' hands wherever they are, said Kevin Downey, USAREUR's webmaster and the creator of the app.

The program breaks down information about USAREUR into a number of clearly defined main categories such as units, locations and history, as well as offering a link to several fact sheets that offer additional details on USAREUR topics.

Downey said the greatest value of the program is that it helps people understand what USAREUR does and stands for.

"At its most basic, it captures what the Army does here and the value we bring to the American people, the citizens of Europe, and the rest of the world," he said.

He added that the app, like the website, is constantly evolving to showcase the U.S. Army in Europe team and its operations and achievements, keep the public informed and help Soldiers, civilian employees and family members who are headed for assignments in the Army in Europe.

"As the U.S. Army in Europe goes, so goes this app," Downey said. "Whether it's live news, photos, and status reports from our social media activity, or information about our leadership, units or locations, the information is constantly flowing."

That flow goes both ways, he said, stressing that app users are encouraged to share their impressions of the program and suggestions for its expansion or improvement.

The free app can be found by searching the on iTunes App store or visiting the application page on USAREUR's website at www.eur.army.mil/mobile.